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Fall Session "On the Farm"
begins September 11 - December 16, 2017
$360.00 for session and music materials
$25 per drop-in class

Space is limited so make sure to register today! 

Materials include:
All Original Ybm CD and Instrument

• Register for  classes Today!
• Registration form located on
Registration Page.
• Classes are once a week on the day and time you register.
• You can join classes anytime as long as classes are not full.
• Classes are prorated from the time you start.

• Sibling discount given with two or more children.
• Drop-ins $25 per class - All classes are available for drop-ins until class is full.

"Chicks" is a 50 minute parent or caregiver accompanied class for lap babies, crawlers, and walkers ages 3-18 months.
Theme: On the Farm

"Tweets" is a 50 minute parent accompanied class for ages 18 months-3yrs.
Theme: On the Farm

"Birdies" is a 50 minute class for children ages 3-5 years. Drop off is suggested.
On the Farm

"Family Flock" is a 50 minute parent accompanied class for children of All Ages. Great for siblings!
Theme: On the Farm
"Family Flock" is an opportunity for parents and their children of all ages to explore music, movement, materials, and song. This is a wonderful chance for families and children to participate in a multi-ages, multi-leveled musical experience.

"Musical Exploration" Offered for ages 3-18 months and 18m-5 years.
Come and explore musical instruments in this free exploration setting.  During these parent accompanied classes, a Yellow Bird Teacher will be playing live music and encouraging your child to explore instruments.  Just come and play per class.  No need to sign up, just drop-in!  Each class is $20 first child $10 each additional sibling.

"Yellow Bird Choir" Offered for ages 3.5-7.5 years.
Come and discover your own instrument - your singing voice! Join the Yellow Bird Choir and become a Yellow Birdie! Learn how to use your singing voice through warm up's, breathing techniques, and harmony singing. Learn how to sing up and down the major scale. Watch your voice soar while gaining the fundamentals of sight reading, simple harmonies, breathing techniques, and performing. Get ready to put those little voices to use as we sing songs we've all come to love. The only requirement is that you love to sing!
Thursdays 4-4:50pm, 3.5-7.5yrs

Private Music Lessons Available
$40 per half hour lesson

Classes and Pricing